Services We Offer

Bridal Services

Bridal parties up to 10 people

Bride Package: $150.00

Includes: trial, wedding day application, and necessities kit

Bridesmaid Applications: $75.00

Includes: wedding day application

Mother of Bride/Groom: $60.00

Includes: wedding day application

Flower Girl (under 12 yrs): Free

Includes: free 15 min wedding day application

Special Event and Corporate Makeup

Prices start at $75.00/hour

Private Special Event Makeup Application: $75.00

Includes: 1 hour application

Corporate Head-shot: $75.00

Includes: 1 hour application

Corporate Photo Shoot/Video Shoot: $75.00/ hour; $225.00/half day; $450.00/full day

Includes: application on all models/actors and touch ups as needed

Kit fee: $6.00/person over 4 people

Special FX: to be discussed at consultation

Private Lessons and Classes

Participants to use their own makeup

Private 1 on 1 Lesson: $100.00

Includes: 2 hour instruction detailing skin care, a day look, transition to night look

Class: $75.00/person 2+ people

Includes: 3 hour instruction detailing skin care, colour theory, day look, contouring, night look

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